Crow Black Harm

I don't eat well, I don't sleep well
I don't wash and I don't comb
I don't answer the phone
I don't try to move along
Is there something I'm doing wrong ?

I don't laugh and I don't smile
I don't leave the past behind
I don't take the helping hand
I don't try to make love last
Is there something I didn't grasp ?

Now crow black harm
Is coming on
And I'm all out of light
So I set the child in me on fire

I don't love and I don't talk
I just lay there like a rock
And I wait for it to pass
And I spill beer in the grass
And I try to pick a fight
Is there something I'm not
Doing right ?

songs that are lists are crap. they're usually unimaginative, repetitious, weak in content and boring to listen to... usually that is.