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Past Shows

June 25th---- Pop In ---- (Paris)
with June Madrona
June 24th---- house show ---- (Rennes)
with June Madrona
June 23rd---- Panama Bar ---- (Rennes)
with June Madrona
June 21st---- Kraken Bar ---- (Saintes)
with June Madrona
June 20th---- l'Oukaze ---- (Bègles)
with June Madrona
June 18th---- El Arco De la Virgen ---- (Barcelona)
with June Madrona
June 16th---- secret encore ---- (Figueres)
with June Madrona
June 15th---- Mediterrània Espai Fòrum ---- (Palafrugell)
with June Madrona
June 14th---- El Xiringuito de La Muga ---- (Boadella)
with June Madrona
June 12th---- La Cantonada ---- (Tarragona)
with June Madrona
June 11th---- Cal Xixonenc ---- (Montblanc)
with June Madrona
June 9th---- La Goleta ---- (Sant Feliu de Guixols)
with June Madrona
June 8th---- secret show ---- (Figueres)
with June Madrona
June 7th---- Cafè Context ---- (Girona)
with June Madrona
June 6th---- Folk the System ---- (Montpellier)
with Kelly, June Madrona & For Emma
June 12th---- La Cantonada ---- (Tarragona)
with June Madrona
June 5th---- The Persimmon House ---- (Toulouse)
with June Madrona & Esmerine

Dec 10th---- At the Door session #3 ---- (Paris)
with Slight Birching & Rivkah
Dec 9th---- Escalier Rouge ---- (Paris)
with Slight Birching & Lazy Bear
Sep 21st---- Le Cavern ---- (Paris)
with Shelley O'Brien

Oct 2nd---- Espace B ---- (Paris)
with Pisco Varghas & This Is The Kit
Sep 11th---- the Purple House (aka Thor's Palace) ---- (Vancouver)
with Bleating Hearts & OK Vancouver OK
Jul 5th---- Pop In ---- (Paris)
with Collapsing Opposites & Grass Widows
May 8th---- Oliver Peel session #23 ---- (Paris)
with Christina Antipa

Dec 9th---- Espace B ---- (Paris)
with Garciaphone
Jul 8th---- Pop In ---- (Paris)
with Stefana Fratila & Captain Kidd
Jun 14th---- Broca Homeshow #1 ---- (Paris)
with Sorry Gilberto, Noël & Rum Tum Tiddles
Apr 30th---- Belushi's Club ---- (Paris)
with Morning Star & Niandra Lades
Mar 21st---- the Shed ---- (Vancouver)
with Stefana Fratila, Dirty Beaches
& Unreliable Narrator
Feb 15th---- la Bellevilloise ---- (Paris)
with Rivkah

Dec 21st---- l'International ---- (Paris)
Birthday/going away debacle
Nov 22nd---- Valentin Stuberl ---- (Berlin)
with Sorry Gilberto
Nov 21st---- Madame Claude ---- (Berlin)
with Sorry Gilberto & Colonel Parmesan
Jun 14th---- Deaborn on Woodland ---- (Seattle)
with June Madrona, Christina Antipa,
Jonah Byrne & Stuporhero
Jun 13th---- Eagle's Hall ---- (Bremerton)
with three headed June Madrona,
& Brittain Ashford
Jun 12th---- chez the Solvents ---- (Port Townsend)
with June Madrona, Dennis Driscoll,
Karl Blau & the Solvents
Jun 11th---- Doe Bay ---- (Orcas Island)
with only June Madrona
Jun 9th---- the Galley Lounge ---- (Lopez Island)
with June Madrona
Jun 8th----- Little Mountain Studios ---- (Vancouver)
with June Madrona, Ok Vancouver Ok,
Role Mach & Jessica Wilkin + Anju Singh
Jun 7th----- the Department of Safety ---- (Ancortes)
with June Madrona, Candysound,
Ramsey Jones & Nature
Jun 6th----- the Old Firehouse ---- (Redmond)
with June Madrona
& the Next Door Neighbors
Jun 5th----- Pitchpike Infoshop ---- (Tacoma)
with three piece June Madrona
Jun 4th---- the House of the Rising Sun ---- (Olympia)
with June Madrona & Ben Kamen
Jun 3rd---- Olympic Club ---- (Centralia)
with just June Madrona
May 31st---- the Funky Church ---- (Portland)
with Jenny Jenkins, Ramona
Cordova & François Virot
May 29th---- Sue's Java Cafe ---- (Redding)
with Jenny Jenkins & someone else
May 28th----- Upstairs Gallery ---- (Placerville)
with Jenny Jenkins, Treesus & Fever Dream
May 27th----- Bricka Bracka ---- (Sacramento)
with Jenny Jenkins & Naresh Michael
May 26th----- Acres of Books ---- (Long Beach)
with Jenny Jenkins, Family Tree,
Rivers of Agnes & 2nd Str Rag Stompers
May 25th----- Que Sera ---- (Long Beach)
with Jenny Jenkins & Katie the Pest
May 25th---- Found Gallery ---- (Los Angeles)
with Jenny Jenkins & Mad Gregs
May 24th---- Ports O' Call ---- (West Covina)
with Jenny Jenkins, Voice on Tape,
No Paws No Lions, Kevin Greenspon,
Sean Pineda, John Thill & Whitman
May 23rd---- not the Artshole ---- (Isla Vista)
with Jellybean, Watercolor Paintings,
Doctor Bird, Virgins & Jenny Jenkins
May 22nd---- Merrill College ---- (Santa Cruz)
with Jenny Jenkins
May 21th----- the Lucky Penny ---- (Oakland)
with Jenny Jenkins, Ash Reiter
& the Splinters
May 19th----- the Pearl Lounge ---- (Eureka)
with Jenny Jenkins & The Gnarwhals
May 17th----- the Glass House ---- (Olympia)
with Jenny Jenkins, Live Active Cultures,
Sarah Lancutis & Nature Girls
May 16th----- the Maxi Pad ---- (Seattle)
with Jenney Jenkins, Cristina
Antipa & Micah Ellison
Apr 20th----- Belushi's Bar ---- (Paris)
with Matt Bauer & Paloma
Apr 12th----- Le Belvédère ---- (Namur)
with Pollyanna
Apr 11th----- Le Bonheur ---- (Bruxelles)
with Pollyanna
Apr 10th----- Cafe Diskaire ---- (Lille)
with Pollyanna
Apr 9th----- De Cantine ---- (Amsterdam)
with Pollyanna & Awkward I
Apr 8th---- De Nieuwe Anita ---- (Amsterdam)
with Pollyanna
Mar 25th---- les Disquaires ---- (Paris)
with Brittain Ashford & Liam Carey
Mar 22nd---- le Bobard ---- (Nantes)
with the Missing Season
Feb 15th---- la Bellevilloise ---- (Paris)
with Rum Tum Tiddles

Oct 21st---- Cafe de Paris ---- (Paris)
with June Madrona
Sept 22nd---- Chiendent ---- (Orléans)
with June Madrona
Sept 21st---- Violon Dingue ---- (Nantes)
with June Madrona & Rum Tum Tiddles
Sept 20th----- Mondo Bizarro ---- (Rennes)
with June Madrona & J.F. Buy
Sept 19th----- El Inca ---- (Bordeaux)
with June Madrona & Squeeze Me I Sqeak
Sept 18th----- la Médiathèque Associative ---- (Toulouse)
with June Madrona
Sept 16th----- Galway Pub ---- (Grenoble)
with June Madrona
Sept 15th----- Grnd Zero Gerland ---- (Lyon)
with June Madrona
Sept 14th----- l'Escapade ---- (Clermont-Ferrand)
with June Madrona, St Augustine,
Derek Delano & LeopOld Skin
Sept 12th----- Pop In ---- (Paris)
with June Madrona
July 26th----- le Vieux Léon ---- (Paris)
with Rum Tum Tiddles & Panchomatic
June 23rd----- Point FMR ---- (Paris)
with The Sea & Cake
May 5th----- Cafe Grimault ---- (Nantes)
with Rum Tum Tiddles & Panchomatic
Feb 15th----- the Light House ---- (Olympia)
with June Madrona, Benjamin
Blake & Freddy Parish
Feb 14th----- Mississippi Pizza ---- (Portland)
with Christina Antipa & Ruby Starfruit
Feb 13th----- Jewel Box ---- (Seattle)
with Husbands Love Your Wives,
Jordan O'Jordan & the Luckless Pedestrian

Dec 13th-----Pop In ---- (Paris)
with HitchcockGoHome! & the Strapontins
Nov 24th----- l'Escapade ---- (Clermont-Ferrand)
with Paloma, El Boy Die, LeopOld Skin
& St Augustine...
Nov 22nd----- Franc-Pinot ---- (Paris)
with Charles Theodore Zerner
Nov 1st------- 9 Billards (Paris)
with Odran Trummel
Sept 16th----- Boiler Room ---- (Port Townsend)
with the Solvents
Sept 15th----- 414 House ---- (Seattle)
with Troubletown, Husbands
Love Your Wives & Pica Beats
Sept 14th----- Comet Tavern ---- (Seattle)
with Pagan States, Brief Candles
& Blue Light Curtains
Sept 11th----- Jewel Box ---- (Seattle)
with Husbands Love Your Wives,
Sand Canyon & Moogle Charm
Sept 8th----- Red & Black Cafe ---- (Portland)
with Ganson Place
Sept 6th----- Puget House ---- (Olympia)
with Jenny Jenkins, June Madrona
& Crazy For Jane
Sept 3rd----- Acoustic Tavern ---- (Bellingham)
with the Solvents
Sept 2th----- Rime ---- (Vancouver)
with Kevin House
June 15th--- Kitch'Up ---- (Paris)
with El Boy Die & Rivkah
May 5th----- En Marge ---- (Paris)
with Oklahomo Trio
April 5th----- Pop In ---- (Paris)
with My Broken Frame
Feb 15th----- Connétable ---- (Paris)

Nov 5th----- Piano Bleu ---- (Paris)
with Matthew Carr
Feb 7th----- the Living Room ---- (Seattle)
Jan 30th----- Cafe Montmartre ---- (Vancouver)

Dec 9th----- Butcher Shop ---- (Vancouver)
May 5th----- Pop In ---- (Paris)
with Kenyon

Nov 5th----- Pop In ---- (Paris)
with Natural Snow Buildings