Happy Things

It's the happy things
That make me cry
When they're within my grasp
And I let them pass by
Like wild game
You could never tame
I know better than to try
I can only watch them
Disappear within my mind

Though I couldn't be your other half
Nor the one to make you come
The ties are not undone
Like a lion fed
I will lay my head
On whoever's thighs are warm
It may not last forever
But it's hard to live alone

It's the happy things
Like holding each other tight
Or the kindness in the smile
A stranger gives sometimes
But when it comes of course
I'm like a frightened horse
I go kicking all around
I throw it off my back and
Watch it shatter on the ground

lots of animal imagery in this one and I always wondered if people in France understood "game" for what it meant.