Waterhouse Records WR-02

Waterhouse Records WR-01



1) the branch
2) I do not love you anymore
3) lay down your arms
4) crow black harm
5) girls
6) happy things
7) river song
8) childhood
9) saddled up
10) sweet wife
11) postcard from a river
12) mouldings
13) running dry

(listen to all 13 tracks here)

recorded and mixed by Erwan Broussine
at the Waterhouse Studio in Paris
mastered by Stephane Garry (Pokett)
most things by Morgan Caris except :
viola by Catherine Maroleau
backing vocals by Vanina Leschi
flute on Saddled Up by Pauline Callandreau
lead guitar on Childhood by Olivier Dao
occasional bass by Erwan Broussine

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France 11€
Others 12€


Folks Pop In at the Waterhouse

1) David Herman Düne - an afternoon dance party
2) My Broken Frame - I was there
3) Pokett - train
4) Cyann & Ben - after those nights
5) Flowers From The Man Who... - no home
6) Julie Doiron - swan pond
7) Oly Arkle - from Paris to Barcelona
8) Sleepy Yule Overture - signifier/signified
9) Tcharlz - Belleville
10) Adeline Fargier - white. your blood
11) Wilfried* - mum's song
12) Rivkah - don't fall
13) HitchcockGoHome! - the autumn...
14) Shantu - fly me home
15) Loons - it might never happen
16) Matthew Carr - italian perfume
17) El Boy Die - lullaby
18) Lisa Li-Lund - Jewish cemetery
19) Cowbird - are you alive
20) Paloma - john wood

(listen to No Home here)

Foundation stone for
Waterhouse Records,
this collection of previously
unreleased takes includes
twenty artists who have at
one time or another graced
the Pop In's open mic with
their wonderful songs. All
of them came to record at
Waterhouse's Studio in

mastered by Stephane Garry
photographs by L. Orseau
boy on cover: J. Laperruque
recorded & mixed by Erwan B
except 14 (J. Landqvist )

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France 11€
Others 12€


Blog Up
Have A Good Night #2 (Moon)

1) Grizzly Bear - lullabye
2) The Konki Duet - luna rêve
3) Scalde - lullaby to you
4) Tender Forever - ayayaya
5) Thomas Belhom - bingo
6) Pierre Favard - notre origine est sous marine
7) Laudanum - lullaby
8) Rrose Tacet - autumn lace
9) Aliplays - juste avant
10) Carp - blue fur
11) Flowers From The Man Who... - werewolf
12) Jonas Bonetta - french toast
13) Milkymoo & Without Face - your baby mind
14) Morning Star - it's quiet now
15) The Liftmen - camel rock
16) Pokett - learning chords
17) Mel Mac - Hypnagogik

(download "Have a Good Night Star/Moon" here)

"For the birth of my daughter
Faris Nourallah wrote a lullaby.
It was a wonderful gift and it
gave me the idea of asking other
artists to write lullabies too."

Have A Good Night was the result.
A 17 track compilation featuring
such artists as Jana Hunter,
Ramona Cordova, Lisa Cerbone,
Half Asleep or Au Revoir Simone.
It was free and was downloaded
nearly 50 000 times.

This is one of two follow up
compilations. They can be freely
downloaded (with the artists'
approval) at blogupmusique.com.

The artwork can be downloaded as
well. It was made by the children
in Alban Michel's 3rd and 4th
grade class in Condat sur


Ronda Label

web only Eps

Ronda's Mp3 singles club

1) Wild Geese

(listen to it here)