Rest your head but not too long
Or else God could cut you down
Wallow down but not too deep
God could take you in your sleep

And beware what's in your head
Before you go to bed
Cleanse yourself of all the
Bad blood in your veins
It's not a game, no

Where's the girl to keep you warm
Where's that money that you owe
If your nights are made of stone
God may well leave you alone

You'll sleep so tight
On moonless nights
That his eyes will surely close
And overlook your woes
And even let you smile
For just a while now

So nevermind your darkest hours
Or self-mutilating powers
Cause the pain you thought was
Settling in is not
It's moving out, yeah

boogie-man lullaby for the second volume of the thematic Blog-Up compilation (Have a Good Night Moon) with God playing the part of Mr Death.