Childhood was I happy then ?
I don't remember it all that well
I would have ended it by now
If it wasn't for the cinema

And I know it's getting late
The food is aging in my plate
Feels like I've passed my expiring date

Like a lonely vegetable
Waiting in my cubicle
I'll never amount to anything
So what have I left to give ?

What is there left to say
When at the closing of the day
Feels like the world has passed away ?

Dull, blank and lusterless
Clumsy, unadorned and colourless
I never liked me anyhow
I wasn't made for anytime

Still I wanted you to know
Yeah I wanted you to know
Moonlight came upon my worthless shadow

oldest song of the lot. written years before most of the others... about sometimes not giving in to self deprecation.