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Waterhouse Records


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Jun 2011

web interview
Futurstika! (Turkish)

Oct 2008

w/ Jenny Jenkins
then June Madrona
(May-June 08)

acoustic session
hinah gift #25
Mar 2008

web interview
Sonic Reducer

Mar 2008

Radio Session
Phoning it In
(WMBR 88.1fm)

September Tour
with June Madrone
(in France)

web review
We Heart Music

Sep 2007

Lullaby Compilation
Have A Good Night Moon
(Blog Up)

radio show
Spinning on Air

WNYC New York

Random Stuff

Fixed Fails

I fixed some of the many dead links that had pretty much taken everything over around here. Now most of them should be valid (at least for a while) and the music links actually lead to places where music can be heard (Hurray!) Try it if you don't believe me.

Updated Links

Let's face it, the several pages that aren't available yet will probably never be. (sigh) Still for additional information about Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin, please now visit FaceBook (and don't forget to "like" - what's not to like?) and/or BandCamp, because MySpace is dying a slow and painful death and is country-specific now.

Hidden Pages

I never got around to quite finishing the tour blogs from several years ago but bits and pieces are available here and there. One is in the Shows/Events column to the left, another has links on the Shows page. Once there, just scroll down and click on the tour picture menu on the left. No, not the flyer picture menus, the tour picture... That's right: Abracadabra!